7th Annual KSAALT Conference

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Welcome To KSAALT !

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Association of Language Teachers is a group of language educators interested in promoting and supporting language instruction across Saudi Arabia. Although most members of KSAALT teach English as a second or foreign language, KSAALT welcomes educators that teach all languages or teach content with English as a medium of instruction. The main mission of this budding organization is to connect those interested in supporting and advancing language instruction. Its success depends on the ethos, logos, and pathos of its members. KSAALT supports educators from all institutions and levels (e.g. K-12, tertiary education, language institutions) and welcomes instructors from all nations.

KSAALT's short-term goals are to establish a strong, workable organization with appropriate governing documents, an active membership, and events that benefit educators in the area. In the long term, KSAALT hopes to host and help facilitate consistent monthly seminars, annual conferences, publish scholarly journals with a review board, and pursue new venues to accommodate our growing membership.


Our Mailing List has been successfully set-up. Click here to subscribe to our mailing list and be informed of all our upcoming meetings and events! Please note that signing up for the mailing list is not synonymous with signing up for a full KSAALT membership.


Click here to download the KSAALT Journal: Issue 3, Volume 6.


KSAALT is the only affiliate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of both TESOL and IATEFL We are proud to be a sister- organization of such distinguished regional TESOL affiliates as TESOL Arabia, TESOL Egypt , TESOL Qatar , and the English Language Association of Turkey. Many KSAALT members are also members of TESOL and other affiliates in the region and in their home countries.


Elected Members
Malikah Sisay - President
Dr. Salem El-Etani - Vice-President
Thomas Wood - Past President
Dr. Philline Deraney - Executive Secretary
Mark W. Murray - Executive Treasurer

Other Members

Wai-Si El-Hassan - Chief Editor
Dr. Alia Mitchell - Member-at-Large
Muhammad Siraj Khan - Member-at-Large
Ali Laftah - Social Media Officer

Michael Betz - Webmaster & Ed. Tech. Consultant

KSAALT 8th Annual Conference:

EFL Innovations in the Saudi Context

Dr. Betsy Parrish

Dr. Deborah Short

May 2nd, 2015 in Khobar, Eastern Province


Annual membership is SR175. Pay your chapter treasurer at the next meeting. If you've paid the SR35 Guest Fee in previous meeting this year, that amount will be deducted from your current membership fee.   

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